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Do the thing in the edit !!!

i just took osco's brand of benadryl and was reading the side effects..and b/c i'm so strange i found one of the things to be funny. "marked drowsiness may occur, excitability may occur...especially in children, alcohol,sedatives and tranquilizers may increase drowsiness, avoid alcoholic drinks, be careful when driving a mother vehicle or operating machinery" Hehe excitability

My car got fixed. I got it back this afternoon :D

Umm what else...I don't think my new boss likes me that much. That's ok though....cuz I don't like her either, in fact, no one really likes her. I want her to get fired..and soon. I can't stand her. She's changing everything. I'm not gonna go into it all b/c I don't feel like it. But UGH! She just bugs me.

Later tonight = GITTIN ER DUN????? hopefully *crosses fingers*

Oh yeah!! I took 2 pictures of Brian today. I'll have them up sometime next month :)

Last night was weird...a bunch of people were in the Linkin Park chat on AOL..And it was like all regs...including a few that haven't been there in over a month/in months. The first time it's been that way in awhile.

yeah..umm...leave some i guess

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